B23 Tunnel Totes Weib

Electro-mechanical equipment

A2 North Bypass Klagenfurt

Electro-mechanical equipment

Munich - Middle Ring Southwest

Electrical engineering & electric lighting

VBA Linz Los 4

Process control system

A8 Tunnel Noitzmühle & Steinhaus

STSG, electro-mechanical equipment

Munich - Petueltunnel

Electro-mechanical equipment

B1-B147 Bypass Straßwalchen

Electro-mechanical equipment

A14 Pfänder Tunnel

General electrical engineering

A1 Cologne - Lövenich

Tunnel made of glass

Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Zayed Tunnel

SCADA & Traffic Control System

Control room Hohenems

System engineering

B73 Tunnel Himmelreich

Operating and safety facilities

A11 Karawanken Tunnel

Refurbishment of electrotechn. equipment

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